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I’m injured….now what?

Today was the 5th running of the Army Run, a race that I have run since its debut.  Driving to the race, I was thinking what a perfect running day it was…..clear blue sky and cool temperature.  And I was thinking too that this would be my very first and hopefully last DNS….Did Not Start. Continue reading

There’s Something About Running

Welcome to There’s Something About Running. My name is Sonja Adcock and at 51,  I have been an avid runner for 17 years.  Read “My Story” to find out  how it all began.

Over these past 17 years I have run many races, met many wonderful people, travelled to many wonderful places both within Canada and abroad and have had the extreme good fortune to have done so injury free.  I may not be the fastest runner out there, but slow and steady wins the race which  for me is the ongoing ability to run.

I hope my stories will inspire you to start running, re-start running or to continue running. Stories are always inspirational and the stories by my friends Mark Sutcliffe ( and Amit Seth (  inspire time and time again.

I would love to hear from you and what it is about running that is special for you.  Perhaps you have a great race story to tell, or you have overcome adversity and running has helped or simply you want to share an experience you have had.   If you would like to share your story, please send me the story using the comments page. Stories should begin with “There is Something About Running that…..” and be limited to about 500 words.

Happy Running,