Monthly Archives: October 2011

I’m back!

What a relief to find out I didn’t have a stress fracture, rather just a bad case of shin splints.

 When I saw the doctor he wasn’t sure what my injury was, but he suggested that I stop running until the bone scan was done.  As my shins really hurt and hadn’t been getting any better, I heeded his advice.  I wore an air cast for a couple of weeks and also did a few sessions of aqua running.

 It wasn’t easy though stopping running.  Yet it was the wise thing to do. Continue reading

Valerie tells what inspired her to start running…..

My inspiration was born after my trip toSouth Africawith my mom last May 2011. My mom and I went overseas because my mom was running the Comrades Ultramarathon (50 miles). While she was running the race, I was following with one of her friends that lived there. He was seconding a running group as well as my mother. The first check point was at the 30 K mark. We stayed at that point for over 2 hours and saw all the runners pass by all 24 000 runners that is! It was amazing to see all the different shapes and sizes of the runners. I always thought that running long distances was for super thin people, but was I wrong! That race really opened my mind on running. South Africans runners kept telling me I should start running for the simple reason to be healthy, to eat and drink what I want, to be happier and have more energy. Continue reading