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Marathon 2 – Merry Christmas

The gifts unwrapped, the Christmas breakfast eaten and with my kids on their way to their Father’s for the remainder of Christmas day it was time to lace up and head outside.  It was 11:00 and I must admit that on this snowy day there was a part of me that just wanted to curl up on the sofa with a good book.

But there was a marathon to run so I got myself all bundled up, drinks made and money in the pocket hoping I’d find something open along the way as I knew I’d want to re-fuel at some point.

It wasn’t really all that cold and fortunately hardly any wind to speak of, but the snow was continuous and the footing not all that great because the sidewalks weren’t paved in all places.

On the way back I needed to stop because my gatorade was frozen and I needed something to drink.  McDonalds was open – I bought an orange juice and a hot chocolate.  That hot chocolate was so good…..creamy and topped with lots of whipping cream.  Just what I needed to get me home.

It took me close to 6 hours to run 42.2km but it did get done!

Marathon 1 – December 18, 2011

 It sure was a cold beginning to the 52 marathon challenge – minus 14!  While this not really all that cold, somehow when it arrives all of a sudden and you have a long way to run it sure feels cold.

I began the run at 5:30 and got in about 16km before meeting the group at 8:00.  We had a great run along the canal, to the art gallery, around the two bridges and back. 

I had fully charged my Garmin before the run, but it had been acting up lately – saying batteries were low at about the 20km mark and then stopping around 28km.  Sure enough it did it again, but  fortunately Peter had his with him so I knew how far I still had to go once we got back to the Arboretum.  I had 7 km left which meant running to the Canal Ritz and back .  Those last 7km were very slow as I was feeling pretty tired at that point.

Here are some pictures from the run:


5 to 50 Snowsuit Fun Run

Saturday December 10th marked the 3rd annual 5 to 50 snowsuit fun run. And what a great day it was  -the temperature was about -2 when we started and probably went up to about 0 and was a mix of sun and cloud with more cloudy periods towards the end of the run. The wind picked up at times, but overall fantastic weather for mid-December. The best part – no snow underfoot!

All together 18 people came out to run one or more loops. We had a couple of firsts this year as well – congratulations go out to:

  •  Jim and Karim who ran their first 50km. 
  •  Vanessa who ran her first half marathon.

 Thank you to Tom who met us around 22km mark with hot coffee.  Jim took one and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Especially because the lids were amazing as they didn’t leak while he was running so he really did get to enjoy the full cup.

Frances, from Metcalf Massage came out to wish us well and brought along a gift certificate for a one hour massage that will go into the gift basket for the 52@52 – thank you very much!   

 Unfortunately I don’t have pictures with all of the runners.  

This one is of  Jim (my brother), Vanessa, John, Tracey, My-tu, Andrea and Marc. 

 This one is me with Jim and another brother Rob at the end of the run.

Sunday December 4, 2011

This Sunday we will once again meet at the Arboretum at 8:00 and run approximately 20km.  We will run down Preston to Albert (Scott) and turn left to Churchill.  Then back to Island Park Drive and turning left run to the Western Parkway.  At the Parkway we will head to the War Museum, cross over the EB Eddy Bridge and then back to Ottawa over the Portage Bridge.  We’ll then head back to Booth and at Somerset turn left for a picture opportunity at the China Gate and then back to Preston and the Arboretum.

Last weeks run was just great.  Dennis showed us some of the sights in Wakefield.  Our first stop was to visit the grave where Lester B. Pearson is buried.





Next, Tom spotted these hay rolls and had us all get up on them.  They guys all got up just fine and were having a blast goofing around.  I on the other hand, wasn’t as fearless…..I grabbed hold of Rick’s hand as I felt as though I was going to fall off!








From there we ran across the covered bridge which is 87 metres in length.  


Lucky for Rick he found this bench….after all that bridge was sooooo long :)        







Then it was time to take a break and go shopping :)



The run ended with coffee and wonderful Cinnamon Buns from a local bakery!  Another amazing Sunday run.