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Marathon 6 – January 22

Another frosty day, but not as cold as last week.  Again the sun was shining and the footing was excellent!

This week I got in 20km before meeting the group at 8:00.  Even though it means starting a bit earlier, to have only 2km left after the group finishes is such a mental boost.  Previous weeks I had between 4 – 7km left to do and it just seemed as though they were the hardest k’s to run.

The winter route is starting to follow a routine as we are limited as to where we can go because a lot of the pathways aren’t ploughed during the winter.

We leave from the arboretum, head downtown along the canal and then over the alexandria bridge to our first rest stop – Gatineau City Hall. Then we continue down Laurier to the EB Eddy Bridge and turn onto Wellington.  We turn at Elgin and go to Laurier where we stop for our second rest stop – Ottawa City Hall.  Then it’s back on the canal and back to the Arboretum.

Prior to that, I do my first bit and if I am doing 18km, I do an out and back along the canal.

Today at the Ottawa City Hall in the Gallery, we checked out the new exhibit they have.  It is called Sculpting Sound (Donna Legault’s Cymatic Imprints). This multi-sensory installation, a Pure Data program transforms live sound into silent speaker motion by transposing the pitch to sub-audible levels.

Unfortunately my camera was too cold to take a proper picture.


Marathon 5 – January 15

This was the coldest run thus far.  It was -23 with a windchill of -31 at the start of the run.  Typically though when it is this cold, the sun is shining and it is dry underfoot.

Sure enough, it the sun was shining and the footing very good!  Of course though, when it is this cold it is very important to dress appropriately so as to not get frostbite.

I wore the following and was toasty warm the entire time:

  • Feet: thin black socks, merino wool socks
  • Shoes: duct tape on my shoes (this really does help to keep my feet warm)
  • Legs: base layer, winter tight, wind pants
  • Upper Body: turtleneck, heavier top and wind jacket
  • Face: neck warmer
  • Head: lightweight hat (this ensures my earlobes are kept warm)and polar hat
  • Hands: finger gloves and polar mittens





Marathon 4 – January 8, 2012

It looks as though the weekly marathons are starting to settle into a pattern:

  • wake up at 4:00 am (no late Saturday nights for me) – have coffee, breakfast, read the paper
  • leave home by 5:00 am - stop for my timmy’s and three tim bits (my pre-run treat)
  • arrive at the Arboretum at around 5:30
  • run to the NAC and back
  • change clothes if need be and run a couple more k’s before 8:00
  • wait for runners to arrive and by 8:00 head off for 20km
  • arrive back at the arboretum and fill up waterbottles and have a snack
  • head back down to the canal for the last little bit which is usually around 7km
  • head home (can’t wait for that hot shower) and by around 1:00 I am ready to get on with the rest of the day



Marathon 3 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the very best in the year ahead.  May you move forward confidently towards your goals and see the realization of said goals because of all the efforts you made to do so!  May the year bring much love and laughter and most of all be one that is void of injury.

New Years Day saw me running my third marathon.  This week Mother Nature had the temperature hovering at or slightly above 0 which was great running weather….nothing froze :)

Seems my running has been getting slower these past couple of weeks, perhaps it’s because the footing isn’t all that great making it more difficult to run or perhaps and most likely I haven’t had anyone to keep up with.  Now that the holidays are over and the Sunday group will start up again, I imagine that I’ll also speed up again.  It’s not that I mind running slowly, it just that in the winter I want to be outside for  the minimum amount of time :)

Till next week – happy running!