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Marathon 28 – June 24

It was a hot day today and with there being few clouds there wasn’t much relief from the sun.  But at least I finished early – around 10:30. 

I decided to make it a lazy afternoon as I wanted to finish reading Marshall Ulrich’s book “Running on Empty” which is about his run across the United States….3,063 miles in 52 days.  He was 57 when he did it….talk about testing your limits!

I wanted to send him an email to say how much I enjoyed his talk at the Running without Boundaries seminar a couple of weeks ago which I did, but I also took some time to read his website.  There I found his upcoming itinerary and one race intriqued me:  Grand  to Grand Ultra Marathon.  The profile of this race is:

A couple of years ago, I told my kids that when they were both 21 I would take them to Las Vegas and I would run the marathon.  Rather than the marathon, I think in 2014 we will go to Vegas and I will run the grand to grand….which is a self-supported foot race covering 257 km in 6 stages over 7 days. I now have the next challenge to ‘test my limits’.

But first…I do need to complete this one :)



Marathon 27 – June17

I found out about a trail run being organized by David McMahon and Lise Meloche ( in support of  Impossible 2 Possible ( The run was starting at Breton Beach at Lac Phillipe and there were three option:  15, 23 or 38km.

I opted for the 23km because it was less technical than the 15 and as I haven’t been doing any hill training the 38km seemed a bit much to do.  

It was a very hot day for a run, but by starting early and getting in 19km before 8:00 am I avoided the worst of the heat. 

The trail run was great.  I hadn’t been to Lac Phillipe in many years and as always I am struck by the beauty of the lake and surrounding terrain.



There were about 90 people who had signed up and I chatted with a number of runners on the way to the turn around.  I love hearing about peoples stories and the races they’ve  done or are going to do….it’s all very motivational and usually gives me lots of ideas for future endeavours.  

Speaking of motivational, on Saturday, Solefit Orthotics put on a seminar “Running without Boundaries” at the Ottawa Convention Centre, which along with providing excellent information on injuries, strength conditioning, nutrition, running  shoes also showcased 2 incredible ultra marathoners;  Ray Zahab and Marshall Ulrich (  Hearing how Ray and Marshall are constantly challenging themselves to do more, go farther really speaks to the notion of “there are no limits”. 

In my own way, I continue to test my limits.  Doing things that I never dreamed were possible.   And now that I am half way through my marathons,  it is time to start thinking about the next thing I will do to ‘test my limits”.


Marathon 26 – June 10

26 Marathon distance runs……I am now halfway to reaching my goal!  Looking back, it seems as though those 26 weeks have just flown by.  Yet, I know that when I was in the moment, I wondered if I’d ever reach the halfway mark.  I feel the same way looking forward and find that I don’t want to dwell on the fact that I have another 26 marathons to do.  So, I will take it one week at a time and like that first half, December 9th will arrive and I will think about how quickly the year has gone.

Once again I started really early in the morning because I knew it was going to be a hot day.  So, when I met the group, I only needed to run 17km.  As it turned out a number of folks were only running down to the NAC and back and the others were fine to run 17 with me.  For the last couple of k’s, only Robb was left running with me.  As we turned the corner into the parking lot at the Arboretum, I was so surprised to see the rest of the group.  Tom had organized champagne and orange juice to celebrate my reaching the half way mark.  What a wonderful way to finish off that run.  I am truly lucky to have such wonderful running friends.



Marathon 25 – June 4

I wish I had my camera with me.  As we were running along Laurier in Gatineau, we noticed the road was closed off.  As we got closer to Victoria St we could see why….a water main had burst and water was spouting all over the place!  It would have made a very cool picture.  Thank goodness this hadn’t happened last week because the Marathon went right through this area .

Mother Nature was on our side yesterday because just as we were just finishing our run the rain started and it sure poured!