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Marathon 36 – August 18

This marathon was pretty much exactly the same as many previous ones.

This week we had another newcomer to the group – Walter who is down for a few weeks from Halifax found our group on-line and joined us for the run.  A couple of weeks ago Nick joined us and has come back…..always a good sign when someone comes back :)

Thus far this year I have run 7 races be they marathon distance or shorter ones forming part of my marathon. I have the Army Half Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon coming up.  I’d like to find either another marathon or race so I end the year with a nice number of  10 races.


Marathon 35 – August 12

Marathon 35 was run in Saint John, New Brunswick as I was in Moncton on business.  I ran the Marathon by the Sea:

The day began at 4:00am as I had drive 130km from Moncton to Saint John.  The drive was difficult as there was heavy fog and at times rain almost all the way  to Saint John. I took it very easy as visibility was very poor, but I made it with lots of time to spare and was able to get another coffee and bagel.

It was still foggy when I arrived in Saint John and it stayed that way for most of the race. It was humid, but no rain. I was glad for the fog because if it had been sunny, it would have been so much harder as there was a very long stretch of road that would have offered no relief from the sun.

While I would really like to run another 4 hour marathon, I now know that it will take a lot of extra work and effort.  I have to think about this for my last marathon of the year – Marine Corps which is at the end of October.

I realized right away that I would certainly not do a four hour marathon today because of the hills….they just never stopped.  I haven’t done any hill training, so I knew it would be a tough day.    I did think though that I could beat my Ottawa time and come in around 4:20, but with about 4 km to go, I was asked to bring someone in. This someone was a ten year old kid – Tyler doing his second marathon and he was running with a friend of his dads. Now for most of the race they were way ahead of me until I caught up at 38km. Seems the guy was struggling and he asked if I could bring Tyler to the finish. I said sure, but soon Tyler started to slow….I stayed with him and told him I’d get him in sub 4:30 better than his first time of 4:38. And I did…4:27.  While this was another slow marathon for me, yet because it was such a small event, I was first in my age group.

Before the race, I was chatting with a guy who was running the marathon as well and he was telling me how he had had a pulmonary embolism about a year ago and after a year off was back to running.  He told me he was hoping for a time of 4:00.  He was doing well the first half and I didn’t think I’d seem him till the end, but at about the half way point, there he was.  He had slowed down considerably and when I pulled up alongside, he told me he was having a bad day.  I  told him we were more than half way there and that if need be to walk a bit and to take it easy if he wasn’t feeling well.  I said, he would get to the end.  All in all my conversation with him last all of about a minute or two.

At the end of the race, I saw his wife who came up and thanked me for getting her husband through the race.  I was surprised as all I did was offer a few words of encouragement, but it seems that this is exactly what this fellow needed and it helped get him through the day.  I learned a lot from this seemingly small thing. That is from now on rather than shy away from talking to someone I see struggling, I will slow down and offer a few words of encouragement….who cares if it ‘costs’ me a few seconds, it will have been worth it knowing I might have helped someone cross the finish line that day.



Marathon 34 – August 5

Another very hot and humid run! I had hoped to get up super early again but it just didn’t happen.  As it was I started the run at a temperature of 33 degrees with the humidex.

Even though I went to bed early, I just couldn’t fall asleep.  During the week I have no problem going to bed early, but the one night I really do want to have a good sleep, I can’t. Then finally when I must have dosed off, my son comes home with Louey – our new kitten – at around 1:00 am.  Normally Pat wouldn’t wake me to tell me the cat was in, but Louey got out a few hours earlier and Pat wanted me to know he was ok.

You see, earlier this week my other cat – Lucy – died.  I have no idea what happened, but it was Patwho found her in the garden.  I had been in the garden early in the morning and she wasn’t there, so it seems to me that she got into some kind of accident and was making her way home.  So sad, in fact I told Pat no more cats. Then on Wednesday night  he and one of his friends come home with Louey.  Louey is just a kitten and was a stray that had been hanging around Fred’s place always hungry and looking for food.

So what was I going to do…..Louey is the spitting image of Lucy and just as cute. And like Lucy when she arrived crying at my door in the middle of winter, I adopted him.

So now I have a new kitten who is such a bundle of energy and who likes to play early in the morning….lucky for me he divides his time between wanting to play with me and wanting to play with Pat.

So all this to say, I didn’t get an early start to the run and even though I didn’t have much sleep, I wasn’t tired.  But it was a slow run and I was happy to have had the company of Jen and Lyn.