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Marathon 41 – September 23

Today was the Army 5km and half Marathon….it was a perfect day for a race.  The temperature was around 13 degrees and the sun was out most of the time.  Although it was windy at times, I found it very refreshing and cooling.

 There were about 18,000 runners in total  running this 5th rendition of the race.   Even though we are all in our corrals waiting for our race to begin, we could see the injured soldiers get ready to begin their race  on the large  jumbotron just to the left of us.  As always it is very sobering and emotional knowing what these soldiers have gone through and what they have given up to be at the starting line.

I ran 21km before the race and it was done at a very slow pace as my heel and toe were bothering me a bit.  At least the hip felt ok. 

I figured this race would be run slowly given how I was feeling and that it would probably take me around 2.5 hours.  But a couple of km into the run my friends Isabelle and Athena came along and we started chatting.  I kept up with them and even though I was going faster than I thought I could the pace was doable.  Just what I needed to get me into feeling like I was in a race! I kept up with them until about 3km from the finish when they both decided to turn it on a bit…well I just couldn’t keep up but I did maintain my pace and ended up finishing in a time of 2:10. It is my slowest half marathon to date, but it was a much better time than I had anticipated.


Marathon 40 – Sept 15

Brrr…what a chilly start to the run – only 3 degrees!  I normally don’t go out Saturday nights because of the need to get up at 4:00am. In fact, I have only been out once since starting these marathons. But one of my friends was having a concert featuring “Brock Zeman” in the courtyard at her condo complex so I decided to go out.  I stayed for the first set and by then it was about 9:30.  I knew I had to go home so as to be in bed by the latest 11:00.  Even at that, getting up at 5:00 was no easy task.  If I didn’t have this marathon to run I would stayed for the entire concert and slept in like most people do….

I ended up having a not so great run though. It seemed as though everything on my left side hurt – big toe, heel, hip and shoulder!  Needless to say my entire run was really slow. Nonetheless it was great to have the gang out at 8:00 and to have Martina and David to run with.  They helped take my mind of the discomfort I was feeling.

At the Museum of Civilisation we always stop for a water break.  We used to stop at the City Hall across the street, but the quality of water at the museum is far superior.  Every week we have been saying we need to take a picture of us sitting on the huge ‘throne’ they have displayed.  This week David brought his camera and lo and behold if they hadn’t stored the chair for the week because of an event that was taking place. 

We decided to take pictures anyway and as we were just finishing the rest of the group arrived. Normally we are just arriving as they are leaving the museum but because they added on some distance they arrived later than usual.  Another nice thing about stopping at the museum is they have a second cup….Tom ended up buying espressos for all, but I had declined.  In hindsight though, it probably would have given me the jolt I needed…next time!

Martina and Sonja


Martina, Doug, Sonja, Rob, Ingrid, David, Dennis, Tom, Nick


Marathon 39 – September 7

75% of the challenge completed!!  Only 13 more marathons to run and I am done! The only issue thus far is still with the big toe.  I seem to be able to ignore the annoyance of it most times and usually it only really bugs me the last few km.  So as long as it stays the way it is then I’ll be fine.

Today it really felt as though summer was over.  I started the run at 5:00am as usual and not only is it staying darker longer, it was cool.  It was only about 8 degrees – quite a change from 25 degrees at that time.  I actually wore three quarter pants and a long sleeve.  At 8:00 I changed into shorts, but I kept the long sleeve.  But the coolness felt great and I was ever so thankful that it was a such a nice day because yesterday was awful  – torrential rain and thunderstorms and very strong winds.


Marathon 38 – September 1

With the long weekend coming, I decided to visit my daughter Valerie in Montreal.  As she was working Saturday, I decided to go down Sunday and Monday. Not wanting to run a marathon and then drive to Montreal, I did the run on Saturday.

This marathon brought back memories of Christmas Day in that I started from home and ran the same route.  Only difference – today was a beautiful day, not a snowy, windy cold day.

As I was running many of the hot air balloonists were one their way to the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  As they drove by, I hoped I would see the balloons in the air.  And sure enough as I got to Dow’s Lake there they were….I just love seeing all of the balloons going overhead.


Marathon 37 – August 25

Marathon 37 was like many of the previous runs this summer….sunny and very hot, but with one difference.   Through the Run Ottawa Club we decided to hold a ‘pre Army Half Marathon” run which would take us on 18km of the Army Run route.

A bit of advertising was done and we had about 18 runners come out which was encouraging, but which also demonstrated that perhaps more would have to be done in orer to entice others to join the weekly runs.  That is something I’ll think about when organizing weekly runs once this challenge is completed.