Monthly Archives: January 2014

CDR – w/e Jan 19

I had another great week of training…..the milder temperatures sure helped.

Training this week  consisted of the following:

Monday: 20 min. treadmill hike (15% grade and 5 kph);strength training (lunges, squats, abs, bicep curls)

Tuesday:  7km run (hills);20 min. treadmill hike (15% grade and 5 kph)

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: run 10km;20 min. treadmill hike (15% grade and 5 kph)

Friday: strength training (pullups, pulldowns, triceps, abs)

Saturday: 13km run (from home – two hills about .5km in length)

Sunday: 20km run (along the canal)

Total run: 50km

The Canadian Death Race – Week 1 (w/e Jan 12)

I feel as though I am in pretty good shape….I can easily run 20km and I know if push came to shove I could run a marathon – not very fast, but I could do the distance nonetheless. 

But wow….this week showed me that I really have a long way to go in terms of being ready for CDR.  I did a 20 minute treadmill walk (15% elevation at a 5kph pace) and was it ever hard!  My goal is to get up to an hour walk twice a week on the treadmill until I can get outside and hike up in the Gatineau Park.

I know that I am back in my stride because Saturday (January 11) I persevered until I could train.  On Saturday morning I knew we were having freezing rain, but I thought I could probably run on the main roads.  I got dressed and put on my ice cleats and skated all the way down the driveway….my road was sheer ice and I gingerly made my way to the main road and it too didn’t look so great.  I went home and decided to drive up to the Gatineau Park and go for a snowhoe hike.  I went to 4 parking lots and discovered snowshoeing wasn’t allowed.  I got to the 5th parking lot and I couldn’t get up the little hill to the parking lot because of the ice….I really wanted to do something so I decided to park at P9 and run along Meech Lake road which had just been salted.  I ended up having a great 12km run and felt great.  Now last year I would have just looked outside and said forget it and not done anything.  Training this week consisted of the following:


Tuesday:  7km run

Wednesday: 20 min. treadmill hike (15% grade and 5 kph)

Thursday: run 7km

Friday: 30 min. treadmill hike (15% grade and 5 kph)

Saturday: 12km run

Sunday: 14km run

Total run: 40km