CDR – w/e Feb 9 and 16

Finally, the days are getting longer and most evenings I can finish my run in the light.  Last week the temperature after work was  around -6 which was so nice.  But then Sunday (Feb 16) it was -17C with the windchill making it around -25…brrr.  I just want it to hurry up and warm up!

I was checking out the facebook page for the race and ran across this photo….now I have done comrades (up and down) which I found super tough  – this just puts it all into perspective.


CDR in perspective

CDR in perspective

My training beginning in April will consist of running the Gatineau Park the majority of the time and then once a month I plan on hiking in either the Adirondacks or the White Mountains in order to train on the elevations I’ll be facing in Grande Cache.

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