Monthly Archives: March 2014

CDR – w/e March 31

It’s been a busy three weeks since I’ve posted and I am finally back into the rhythm of training again.

I love the gym I am now going to – GYM MAX.  I have gone here on and off for the past 20 years.  When I moved to Gatineau, I joined GYM MAX because it was convenient, especially because it was open 24 hours a day.   But  as the years went on, other gyms became more convenient whether it was because the kids were enrolled in programs or it was closer to work or the programs being offered were in line with my training at the time (i.e. swimming or spinning).  But now GYM MAX once again makes sense given it is close to home so I can go first thing in the morning and it has everything I need.

I am sure I am not alone when I say I am fed up with Winter!  My mileage this past week though was great as I got in 79km and even though there was yet another snowstorm today making footing just terrible, I only had to run 19km as I did my long run (32km) yesterday.

As I parted ways with my running buddies this morning we said as we have been saying for the past few weeks “next week the weather just has to be better…’s spring time after all”.   Then it isn’t :) But surely by next week we will have finished with all this snow and cold and the weather will be great for running.


CDR – w/e Mar 9

Monday I began my new job and while I am very happy to be back working at Service Canada it means re-working the training schedule and finding a new gym.  As well, my social calendar ended up being full almost every evening which meant I could only get in one workout per day.  I did manage to run 65km with the long runs being 17km (hills) and 30km (flat).

The gym I was training at was convenient to my previous job and although it didn’t have showers my workplace did.  However, the building I am working in now is undergoing renovations and as part of that, the showers are closed.  And since the other gym is no longer convenient, I have decided to return to a great gym close to home.

I am looking forward to getting back to the weights!


CDR – w/e Feb 23 and Mar2

These were a good two weeks of training running 60 and 70 km per week.  As well, I got in two or three weight/treadmill sessions.

I finished reading two books this past week: Eat and Run by Scott Jurek and Conquering the Canadian Death Race.

Conquering the Canadian Death Race is a great book as it provides valuable information in terms of preparing for the race from descriptions of the course, nutrition, gear, etc.  It also validates the training plan I have designed in that the distances and types of running indicated in the book are included in my plan.

I loved Scott Jurek’s book about his journey of becoming an amazing ultramarathoner.  I also liked the way he scattered various recipes throughout the book and I am looking forward to trying some of them.

I found both of these books to be a source of inspiration and motivation and they will be kept close by for times when that bit of inspiration is needed.