Monthly Archives: April 2014

CDR – April

Training is going well and I am loving it that finally we are getting some nice weather.  What a feeling to be running in t-shirt and three-quarter tights. Not to mention warm toes :)

  Here is a brief synopsis of what I did this month:

Activity W/E April 6 W/E April 13 W/E April 20 W/E April 27
Run 76km (30 long run) 78km (34 long run)  41km(35 long run) 91km (42 long run)
Treadmill 10km 14km 10km 6km
Spinning 1 2 1 1
Interval weight class 1 1 1 1

 The treadmill work outs are usually 2 – 3 times a week and are done at 15% incline for 45 minutes.  I do mix it up from time to time by adding some -3% decline and some slow running at 10% incline.

April 27th, I ran in the Gatineau Park.  For those of you who know the park, I ran two inside loops – once in each direction.  This took me around 5 hours and I was pretty tired at the end.  Even though I was slow, I feel that I am on the right path in terms of training.  I feel strong and my workouts will progressively get harder, especially as I start adding trail runs and a couple of trips to the Adirondacks in the mix.