CDR – May

Activity W/E May 4 W/E May 11 W/E May 18 W/E May 25 W/E June 1
Tues: 9km (P8-picnic area -penguin and back)
Wed: 7km (P8 on road)
Thurs: 7km (canal)
Sat: 42km (inner loop and trails (P8 – penguin – P13 and back) 
Sun: 21km (P7 – Keogan and then joined trail group)
Tues: 10km (P8 to split)
Wed: 21.5km (inner loop)
Sat: 40km (Lake Placid – mix of trail/road)
 Sun: 18km (Lake Placid – road)
Tues: 9km (P8 to Penguin – 2x penguin)
Wed: 18k (Keogan to P12 and back on road)
 Thurs: 11km(2km warm-up, P12:40 – 24 – 1)
 Sat: 20km (p8 to Champlain)
 Sun: 20km (P8 to Champlain)
 Mon: 15km (canal)
 Tues: 18km (Moncton)
Thurs: 7km in am and 8km in pm
 Sat: 45km  (inner loop and trails)
 Sun: 20km (P8 to Champlain)
 Tues: 6km easy
Thurs: 7km easy in am and 20km in pm (inside loop)
 Sat: 48km (p8 to Penquin – trails for 28km, inside loop for 20km)
 Sun: 24km (P12 to Fire tower)
Spinning Mon (2) and Wed Mon (2) and Wed Wed 0 Mon
weights 0 1 0 0 1

The training this past month has progressively gotten harder and yet with only 8 more weeks of training  to go, it just doesn’t seem enough!  The vast majority of my training is being done in the Gatineau Park  and I am getting stronger as there are some days where the hills are easily doable, but then too there are other days where there is a lot of walking going on.

I have begun training with my hydration pack on almost every run.  It gets heavy with 2L in the bladder and two 20oz bottles in front so I need to ensure there are no issues come race day. I love the hydration pack I bought – it is PB (Peter Bakwin) Ultimate Direction (  It is very light weight, breathable, has lots of storage and most of all is very comfortable.

I have also begin running with poles as many reviews of the race indicate that poles are very useful for some of the more difficult legs of the race. The poles I am using while being inexpensive and adjustable have been working just fine and have saved me from falling a few times already.  For race day though, I plan on buy a pair of very lightweight non adjustable poles.  There are sections of the course where poles aren’t needed so I’d like to fold them up and then not fiddle around adjusting them when needed again.

Next up will be to research headlamps. 

At the end of the month I have another Lake Placid weekend planned and this time I should be able to get into the trails.


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