CDR – Lake Placid Training Weekend

I had been planning a training weekend in Lake Placid from June 28 – July 2 in order to get in some running and hiking at elevation similar to that of the Canadian Death Race.


My plan was to run/hike mount Marcy (the highest peak in the Adirondacks with an ascent of 3166 feet. Out and back is about 24 km. The way the trail was described it seemed doable in about 3.5 hours. Then I was going to do about 21 more in the trails and another 15 on the road for a total of 60km. Like I said that was the plan.

The first maybe 5 km (my garmin had somehow lost its charge so I didn’t have a watch) were great and then the rocks appeared – not tiny ones but boulders and not in anyway runnable – at least not for me. I managed to walk at a good pace though and then when I reached a clearing I thought I had reached the summit but oh no it was still a ways to go and you had to climb up the rockface. I took a deep breath and started the last leg. You know it’s hard when you just know the descent will be even harder. I made it and the views were spectacular. Going down I was right – parts were so hard for me that I did the bum slide :) I fell once on the way back – total face plant into about six inches of mud…yuck! Didn’t hurt myself though. You know you look hilarious when people see you and start laughing and then realize they should ask if you are ok. All in all this little adventure took 6 hours! I was totally spent so called it a day.

Since I didn’t get my 60 in yesterday I decided to do it today. I started out by running from where I am staying to lake placid and back for a total of 40km and then up memorial highway to Whiteface and back for another 20. The run to lake placid along highway 86 is up and down but more uphill on the way out. As I got ready to go I turned on my garmin only to find all the data fields had changed and wouldn’t let me change them back. I finally was able to at least get the distance one going…most frustrating. At 40km I took a brief break at my room for a quick sandwich and then I was off again. My legs by this time were very tired so I ended up walking up 5km of the memorial highway. This is a steady climb so even walking was tough. At the 5km mark there is a toll and for people in a car it costs 10 for the car and 7 per person. For cyclists it’s 6 and for runners/hikers it’s 7. When I asked why, the girl had no answer. At any rate I couldn’t find my money (I found it later in another pocket). So I ran back – 50km today


Again super weather. At the end of the run today I have logged in 100km in three days….don’t think I have ever done that much before . My legs were protesting this morning as I started out. I hiked up to almost the top of whiteface – again the trail was not runnable and not even easily walked – lots of rocks again. I got to about the 9km mark and all of a sudden there was this huge wall of rock and I thought “seriously we are supposed to climb that”, but thankfully there was a trail to the side otherwise I would have headed back. This trail climbed up to the top of the rock wall and it opened onto the highway. At this point though there was so much fog I could hardly see five feet in front of me. I decided not to get back in the trails but rather run back down the road. The down hill was 11 km. I’m not sure how far from the top I was but tomorrow I am planning on running/hiking up to the top on the road

I started at 6am. The run along the memorial highway to Whiteface is 13km at an 8% grade – so up,up,up the whole way. I couldn’t run the whole thing so I ran for half a km and walked half a km. About a km from the top it was again very foggy and windy. When I got to Whiteface even though I couldn’t see a thing I climbed up the last 300 metres to the summit. Glad they had railings to hold onto as it was very windy. Then I ran all the way back – that was hard too. So another 27km done.

Hopefully this puts me in good stead for race day!

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