CDR – June and July

 Training has ramped up over the past few weeks and as of today (July 10) there are only 22 days till race day.  While there are days where I feel I need more time to train and get in the long runs, I am also looking forward to being finished with all the volume and just getting to the start line and doing the race.

As I am getting closer to race day, my thoughts are starting to turn to what I want to do for the rest of the year and then what to do next year.  I already have two races post the Death Race and they are the Gatineau Park Marathon and the Las Vegas Marathon.  I recently saw advertising for the Canadian Sears Run (Ottawa to Montebello) that I will sign up for and run solo (100km). 

As for next year, I haven’t landed on a particular race just yet.  I do need to undertake some home renovations so more than likely anything I do will be within driving distance.

  W/E June 8 W/E June 15 W/E June 22 W/E June 29
Total 101km 68km 113km 123km  
Monday spinning  17km (Arboretum to Montreal road and back) 7km treadmill
Tuesday nil  Nil 13km (along trail 1)  treadmill in am; 15km (p8 – split)
Wednesday weights and  9km (2xpenguin Nil 13km 15km (p8 – split) 
Thursday 22k (road)  15km (P8 to split) Nil 10km
Friday nil  nil 4km 8km
Saturday 45 km (36 – trails and 9 – road)  22km 50km (14km on road, P7 to Champlain x 2) 25km (Hike: Mount Marcy) 
Sunday 25km (inner loop) 14km 26km (inner loop) 50km (Wilmington to Lake placid)


  W/E July 6 W/E July 13 W/E July 20 W/E July 27
Total 130km 100km 67km 45km 


Monday 25km (Whiteface)


Nil nil nil
Tuesday 27km (memorial highway)



15km (P8 – split)

15km (P8 – split)


Wednesday nil 14km (canal) nil  nil


Thursday 15km


7km 18km in park and 4km hike 10km
Friday 4km


nil nil nil
Saturday 34km


40 km (23 road and 17 trails) 21km (trails) 17km (trails)
Sunday 25km 24km (canal) 13km (trail running clinic) 12km

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