2016 Challenge

It seems I am developing a pattern of setting challenges every two years.  But that doesn’t mean that in the in between years I am sitting idly around.  I still continue to train albeit not as much as when I am undertaking a challenge.  For example in 2015, I only did two races.  I trained for the half ironman in Maryland in June (Eagleman) and the Gatineau Park Marathon in October.  I also took up dragon boat paddling with a great team of women  - our team is “Art Bank”.  What great fun!

Now though I am ready to undertake something challenging again.  This year I want to try a spartan race with the goal of doing a Trifecta which is comprised of three races: sprint, super and beast.  The medals from each of these races  fit together to complete one big Trifecta medal.

To say this is going to be a challenge is a huge understatement……some of those obstacles look very scary indeed.  I realize that I will have to be a lot stronger than I am now and that I will need to get very good at doing burpees.  For sure, there will be challenges that I simply won’t be able to do!

I have been searching for websites that talk about women over the age of 55 doing spartan and they just don’t seem to exist.  I have found a site though that is a supportive community to foster and encourage women to step out of their norm and explore new possibilities : dirtinyourskirt.com

As I begin my journey, I will start writing in my blog again and provide details on my training as my goal is to successfully attain the trifecta and in the process provide information for other women hoping to undertake a spartan race.