General Updates

I’m back!

What a relief to find out I didn’t have a stress fracture, rather just a bad case of shin splints.

 When I saw the doctor he wasn’t sure what my injury was, but he suggested that I stop running until the bone scan was done.  As my shins really hurt and hadn’t been getting any better, I heeded his advice.  I wore an air cast for a couple of weeks and also did a few sessions of aqua running.

 It wasn’t easy though stopping running.  Yet it was the wise thing to do. Continue reading

I’m injured….now what?

Today was the 5th running of the Army Run, a race that I have run since its debut.  Driving to the race, I was thinking what a perfect running day it was…..clear blue sky and cool temperature.  And I was thinking too that this would be my very first and hopefully last DNS….Did Not Start. Continue reading