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Julies inspirational story

As parents we want the best for our kids and more importantly we want to be around to watch them grow up. Julie although struggling with weight issues wanted to be there for her kids and she also wanted to provide for them in the unlikely event she couldn’t.    With this in mind, she applied for life insurance.  Within a few weeks she received the response back in the mail – Application DENIED! Reason given:  MORBIDLY OBESE! .  

Morbidly obese….those words hit a nerve because it  means you are at increased risk of having many health problems and quite possible a reduced life span.  This was the wake-up call Julie needed and she decided then and there to take action!

It’s one thing to want to take action, but it is quit another to actually take that first step to begin the long journey of getting healthy.  But Julie started with baby steps and as she started changing her lifestyle by eating better and exercising which included running, she started to set goals for herself. Goals that for many of us who haven’t had to struggle with having to lose a lot of weight would never even think of. Thinks like being able to sit with your kids on a roller coaster ride or being able to sit in a swing at the park. 

With these goals and with the determination to get healthy, Julie has become half the woman she once was!  And that’s a very good thing because in two short years Julie has lost over 130 pounds. 

So yes Julie can go to the park and sit on swings, she can take those roller coaster rides, but more importantly she has the energy and focus to be healthy.  This new way of life not only benefits Julie and her family, but it also has an important impact on her work.  Being healthy means she can be a more productive employee at work. And not only that but she is a role model and an inspiration to others who want to become more healthy and active and in the end more productive!


Valerie tells what inspired her to start running…..

My inspiration was born after my trip toSouth Africawith my mom last May 2011. My mom and I went overseas because my mom was running the Comrades Ultramarathon (50 miles). While she was running the race, I was following with one of her friends that lived there. He was seconding a running group as well as my mother. The first check point was at the 30 K mark. We stayed at that point for over 2 hours and saw all the runners pass by all 24 000 runners that is! It was amazing to see all the different shapes and sizes of the runners. I always thought that running long distances was for super thin people, but was I wrong! That race really opened my mind on running. South Africans runners kept telling me I should start running for the simple reason to be healthy, to eat and drink what I want, to be happier and have more energy. Continue reading