2014 Challenge

The New Year has officially arrived and I feel ready to take on yet another challenge.  After running a marathon a week in 2012, I found I was pretty tired and not motivated to run. 

I was really lackadaisical in my approach to training last year…..if it was too cold or miserable outside I either didn’t run or just ran for about 10km when I should have been running about 30km. Not surprising I slowed down a lot. Even though I ran two marathons in 2013 they were certainly not fast.  When I ran the Ottawa Marathon I was just getting over bruised ribs and I simply couldn’t push any kind of pace.  The Marathon du Medoc was a very slow one as well. 

But in the fall I seemed to get my motivation back and running became fun again and I started to look forward to getting out for a run.

I was in Fredricton for work and as I usually do when I travel, I joined the Running Room for the Sunday Run.  I ended up running with a girl visiting from Edmonton and she was telling me about the Canadian Death Race (she did the last leg of it).  It got me to thinking that this was just the challenge I needed to get me back into more focused training and more importantly to find the joy in running again.  

Thus, I decided I would my goal will be to run the Canadian Death Race – www.canadiandeathrace.com as a solo competitor. 

January 6th marked the  start of my 7 month journey to getting fitter and stronger in order to succeed at this race.

cdr elevation